About Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice

Icahn School of Medicine faculty members have three distinct but related missions — promoting education, providing clinical service, and conducting research. They carry out much of their clinical mission at the Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice, a multispecialty group practice offering services that range from primary care to the most advanced approaches to disease management available today.

Our service-related standards speak to the importance of patient access, communication, and issues central to the patient experience. We require our staff to participate in customer service training. We evaluate our overall performance to ensure continuous improvement and patient satisfaction.

The Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice responds to the needs of a broad patient base seeing more than 965,000 visits annually. The experience of serving such a diverse group enriches our undergraduate and graduate medical education programs.

Our unique patient base enables our clinical investigators to develop new treatments, techniques, and protocols that enhance the well-being of both our own patients and those throughout the world. For example, an FPA member recently developed the first FDA-approved treatment for Fabry’s disease, a disorder caused by the lack of or defect in the enzyme needed to metabolize lipids properly. In another instance, our surgeons in otolaryngology and neurosurgery developed new, minimally invasive techniques that significantly improve the treatment of skull-base tumors.

While the Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice is proud of its high-quality medical care and technological advances, we remain committed to creating a compassionate and patient-centered environment. The Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice is committed to maintaining a leadership role in the nation’s health care system as well. We are confident that we will see our greatest growth in multidisciplinary programs, such as those focused on women’s and men’s health and comprehensive cancer care. In addition, we will continue to strengthen our business practices and explore ways to improve the quality of the patient experience.

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