Insurance and Billing: FAQ

Why did I receive a letter requesting my insurance information?

Your claim may be missing information or may have been incorrectly completed. To avoid a claim rejection by your insurance carrier, we will contact you to obtain the correct information so that your claim may be quickly filed and processed.

After I see a physician, has a claim been filed with my insurance company on my behalf?

Yes. A claim is automatically sent to your insurance company based upon the information you provided to the registration staff at the time of your visit.

How can I find out if my insurance carrier has paid my bill?

After your claim has been processed, your insurance company may send you an explanation of benefits (EOB). You may also contact your insurance provider directly. The provider’s telephone number is usually found on your insurance identification card. In addition, most insurance companies maintain websites for their insured members. Once registered on the site, you may access your claim information, download insurance policy coverage documents and insurance forms, determine which physicians participate in your plan, and access other useful information.

Why did the hospital and my doctor send me separate bills?

The hospital and physicians bill separately for their services in accordance with health insurance regulations.

Why am I receiving bills from different physicians?

Each physician who provides professional services will bill you separately.

My primary physician has referred me to a specialist. What should I do with the referral document?

Bring your referral to the specialist with you at the time of your visit and give it to the receptionist at the front desk. This referral is required before your claim will be paid by your insurance company.

Why did my insurance company pay only part of my bill?

Most insurance plans require you to pay a deductible and/or co-insurance or co-pay. Also, your insurance plan will not pay for services not covered under your benefit plan.

How can I pay my patient balance?

You may pay by credit card, cash, check, or money order at the time of your visit. Payments for balances due may be sent to the address found on the billing statement that you receive.

I received a statement the other day. How often will I receive this statement?

You will receive a statement each month until your bill is paid in full.

My deductible under Medicare has been met. Why am I receiving a bill?

If you do not have secondary or supplementary insurance in addition to Medicare, you are being billed for the balance. If you have supplementary insurance, that plan may also have a deductible.

I don't have insurance. What should I do?

Contact your doctor's office. Trained personnel will work with you to find a solution. There may be services available in a hospital-based setting on a sliding fee scale.

What if I cannot afford to pay my medical bill?

For charges not covered by insurance, monthly payment arrangements can be made if you cannot afford to pay your entire balance at one time. Mount Sinai has a policy to assist patients who face financial hardship. To qualify for assistance, you must supply documentation as requested.