The Cardiothoracic Surgery faculty practice provides state-of-the-art care for adults and children with heart and lung disorders. Mount Sinai's cardiac surgeons have expertise in a variety of advanced surgical techniques and technologies, and are dedicated to offering the best possible treatment to patients with a wide range of diseases and disorders.

Every physician in the Cardiothoracic Surgery faculty practice is a member of the staff of The Mount Sinai Hospital and of the faculty of Icahn School of Medicine. Our cardiothoracic surgeons are known worldwide for their pioneering work, while the Hospital maintains the world's largest database on patients with aortic disease who do not yet require surgery. The heart transplantation program is one of just two centers in New York State to offer transplants for children. With researchers constantly studying methods to improve procedures, Mount Sinai's Cardiothoracic Surgery program is fully devoted to meeting today's patient needs with tomorrow's medicine.

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