Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, led by Dr. Samin Sharma, is comprised of six fully equipped rooms for angiography and state-of-the-art computerized blood circulation studies. Last year, the laboratories performed over 16,000 procedures, including more than 5,500 interventional procedures, such as the following: percutaneous angioplasty, intracoronary stenting, rotational atherectomy, interventions on chronic total occlusions, balloon valvuloplasty, alcohol septal ablation, peripheral vascular interventions, and transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). Myocardial biopsies (both primary diagnostic and for heart transplant recipients) and full assessments of pulmonary hypertension are performed regularly as well.

The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory has achieved one of the highest patient volumes and lowest mortality rates in New York State for angioplasty procedures for over 10 years (as reported by the New York State Department of Health).


The Cardiovascular Medicine FPA is open from 8am until 6pm, Monday through Friday.