Gastrointestinal Cancer Program

The Mount Sinai Division of Gastroenterology enjoys the reputation of being one of the top digestive disease programs in the country. Among the greatest strengths of the Division is the role it has played in defining the natural history, diagnosis, and management of cancers of the GI tract. Colorectal cancer alone is the second most common cause of cancer-related mortality in the United States, and esophageal cancer is the single most rapidly increasing cancer in the U.S. Stomach and pancreatic cancers, along with liver cancers, account for an enormous amount of morbidity and mortality in this country and worldwide. Faculty in the GI Division, together with those from the Departments of Surgery, Pathology, and Radiology, collectively have formidable expertise in the field of GI cancer. Given the many recent advances in molecular genetics, diagnostic imaging modalities, modern surgical techniques, and sophisticated pathological analysis, there are enormous opportunities to reduce the burden of suffering associated with these often preventable tumors.

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