Many of the physicians practicing in the Mount Sinai G-FPA are ranked among the leading gastroenterologists in the country. Because medical research is a big part of our lives, and because we’re on the staff of a major medical center, we are fortunate in being able to create, and have access to, the very latest clinical research. This translates into cutting-edge patient care.

The physicians of the G-FPA are clinical researchers as well as physicians. In fact, many of the diagnostic tools and treatments routinely used to care for digestive disorders today have been developed or refined by Mount Sinai gastroenterologists.

Every day of the year, the observations we make while treating patients are shaped into questions that are then tested in our research. The results of this research then guide the care we provide to individual patients. The result is that our patients receive tomorrow’s medicine today and our clinical research is shared with other physicians.

Because of the superb reputations of our highly regarded G-FPA gastroenterologists and their colleagues, patients frequently travel to The Mount Sinai Health System from all over the world for diagnosis and treatment of digestive disorders.

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