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As members of the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine, members of the Infectious Disease FPA are dedicated researchers as well as physicians. In fact, we treat research as a major part of our profession. This is critical in a field where new global health threats appear almost daily.

We offer state-of-the-art vaccines and actively participate in clinical trials of new vaccines. We also conduct research into new and emerging health threats, and work to develop newer and more effective methods for treating infectious disease.

Our physicians are clinical experts in travel medicine. In our Travel Health Program, for example, we offer specialized “to-and-from” checkups and inoculations to vacationers and business travelers alike.

The Travel Health Program is a designated Yellow Fever Center and one of only 27 worldwide sites in the GeoSentinel Network for the surveillance of emerging diseases.

Mount Sinai’s HIV/AIDS Treatment Program consists of a variety of programs and services for HIV/AIDS patients and their families. The Jack Martin Fund Clinic provides primary outpatient and inpatient treatment for adults and children with infectious diseases. Mount Sinai is a New York State Department of Health Designated AIDS Center.

We treat patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS though an interdisciplinary team approach. By working closely with primary care practices as well as with mental health and specialty practices, we provide care based on state-of-the-art knowledge and technology only available through a major teaching academic medical center like Mount Sinai.

The result is that we’re able to deliver tomorrow’s medicine today.

Because of the superb reputations of our world-renowned ID-FPA specialists and their colleagues in subspecialties including clinical immunology and related specialties, patients frequently travel to The Mount Sinai Health System from all over the world for diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease.

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