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Everyone who visits the ID-FPA – whether for travel vaccines or to be treated for an acquired infection – is unique. Therefore, our approach to our patients is highly individualized. It is tailored to a patient’s needs – diagnosis, severity of disease, the patient’s age and overall level of health, as well as other individual considerations.

Studies – including our own investigations -- show that immunization is critical to avoiding many infectious diseases. Early and aggressive treatment of these diseases can limit complications affecting other organs and systems. For example, by intervening early into viral hepatitis or Lyme disease, we are able to limit the cascade of events that may cause irreversible kidney or liver damage.

At the ID-FPA, sometimes it may become necessary to call in other specialists to help us treat a patient’s condition. Depending on the diagnosis and on individual needs, a patient may meet with a coordinated team of physicians and other healthcare professionals. Routine access to so many qualified professionals is one of the major benefits of seeking specialized healthcare in a large multidisciplinary center like The Mount Sinai Health System.

Patients requiring hospitalization for treatment are admitted to The Mount Sinai Hospital where physicians from the ID-FPA work with multidisciplinary treatment teams to ensure that our patients’ medical, nutritional, and psychological needs are met during their hospital stay as well as after discharge.

As population trends shift, so does the behavior of infectious disease. World travel, the aging of the population, new strains of disease – all have an impact on which segments of the population are most affected, and how best to treat them effectively.

For example, as the population ages and as HIV/AIDS becomes more treatable, there is a subset of the population – mostly older gay men and women who are HIV positive – who have unique needs. Likewise, the most sexually active segment of the population – teenagers and young adults – are given special, respectful care and consideration in our practice.

As members of a major treatment and research center, and as recognized experts in our field, we consult the very latest results from all medical specialties including our own.

We routinely participate in community forums addressing the unique needs of New Yorkers of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. With the availability of language translators, communication is rarely a problem.

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