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All treatment is individualized at the N-FPA . It is tailored to a patient’s diagnosis, the severity of disease, the patient’s age and overall level of health, as well as other considerations.

Physicians from the Nephrology Faculty Practice Associates offer full diagnostic workup and treatment of kidney, pancreatic, bladder, and adrenal disease. We also offer evaluation and treatment of tumors and malignancies including cancer, as well as conditions that may require organ transplantation.

Studies – including our own investigations -- show that early and aggressive treatment of kidney disorders, as well as associated and underlying conditions, can limit complications. This early intervention can delay or prevent the need for surgery or transplantation.

At the N-FPA , sometimes it may become necessary to call in other specialists to help us treat a patient’s condition. Therefore -- depending on the diagnosis -- a patient may meet with a coordinated team of physicians and other healthcare professionals. Routine access to so many qualified medical professionals is one of the major benefits of seeking specialized healthcare in a large multidisciplinary center like The Mount Sinai Health System.

Patients requiring hospitalization for acute treatment are admitted to The Mount Sinai Hospital where physicians from the N-FPA and their colleagues work to ensure that our patients’ medical, nutritional, and psychological needs are met during hospitalization as well as after discharge.

In terms of chronic care, our on-site Dialysis Program also takes a multidisciplinary approach. Typically, there may be several physicians involved in a patient’s care, as well as a nurse, dietician, and social worker.

As medical researchers, we create, and have access to, the latest innovations in patient care that become available through clinical and basic science research.

Drawing on Mount Sinai's outstanding clinical facilities, we work closely with some of the world's most highly regarded physicians and researchers in related fields who practice at Mount Sinai. Our ongoing commitment to communicating closely with referring physicians ensures that each patient receives comprehensive, carefully tailored and cutting-edge treatment and support.

We’re pleased to note that many of the latest diagnostic tools and treatments routinely used to care for patients have either been developed or first introduced by Mount Sinai nephrologists. For example, our program was the first to perform hemodialysis in the United States. We currently operate one of the largest peritoneal dialysis programs in the country.

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