As members of the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine, members of the Nephrology FPA are dedicated researchers as well as physicians. In fact, we treat research as a major part of our profession.

Our research is devoted to improving the quality of life for patients with kidney disease through the development of new approaches to disease prevention and treatment. The result is that we’re able to deliver tomorrow’s medicine today.

We conduct research into kidney, adrenal and pancreatic disorders, and consult the very latest results from all medical specialties including our own. This only enhances patient care.

Every day of the year, the observations we make while treating patients are shaped into questions that are then tested through our research. Outcomes from our work then guide the individualized care we provide to every patient. Results from our work are shared with physicians worldwide through publication in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Research funding for members of the Division of Renal Medicine is supported by prestigious organizations including the National Kidney Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Current research interests of the N-FPA clinicians include the study of the causes of HIV-associated nephropathy, which is kidney disease caused by HIV infection; genetic exploration of polycystic kidney disease; how complications from diabetes and hypertension can be treated using gene therapy interventions, and analysis of the roles of sodium and potassium on abnormal kidney development, polycystic kidney disease, and hypertension.

All of our research is targeted toward understanding the molecular basis of disease, and to develop new and cutting-edge therapeutic approaches to treatment.

Because of the superb reputations of our world-renowned nephrologists and their colleagues in cardiology, geriatric medicine, clinical immunology and related specialties, patients frequently travel to The Mount Sinai Health System from all over the world for diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders.

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