Areas of Care

Adult Psychiatry

Adult Psychiatry at Mount Sinai features a range of treatments and service. With state-of-the-art facilities and an expert staff, we focus on helping those adult patients with disorders improve their quality of life as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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Mount Sinai Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Treatment Center

The Mount Sinai Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Treatment Center is a comprehensive specialty clinic providing individual and intensive outpatient treatment, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and pharmacotherapy. Located in New York City, our program specializes in treating children, adolescents, and adults, and offers deep brain stimulation and other treatments for severe and treatment-resistant cases of OCD.

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Center of Excellence in ADHD and Related Disorders

The Center of Excellence in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Related Disorders brings together an inter-disciplinary team to study key questions related to developmental neurobiology, psychopathology, pathophysiology, and treatment. The Center’s efforts link evidence-based pharmacologic and psychosocial treatments with state of the art research approaches, using neuroimaging and genetics, ensuring that advances in the scientific basis of ADHD and its treatment inform clinical care delivery.

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Child Adolescent Family Services

Child Adolescent and Family Services (CAFS), part of our Mount Sinai Health System Ambulatory Psychiatry Service and certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health, provide outpatient clinic treatment for children and adolescents (from birth through age 18) and their families. The services we offer include comprehensive evaluation, individual, group, and family therapy, parent training and support, pharmacologic evaluation and ongoing medication management, case management services, and crisis intervention.

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Eating and Weight Disorder Program

The Eating and Weight Disorder Program at Mount Sinai offers family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT and CBT-E) and the LEARN® Program to treat both common eating and weight disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorders, and obesity, as well as the needs of special populations such as males, athletes, and performers. Each patient in our program has a customized treatment plan modeled around the type and severity of the disorder, the stage of life (childhood, adolescence, or adulthood), and the existence of accompanying conditions, such as depression and anxiety. While gaining or losing the required weight is crucial as the starting point, the ultimate goal is to address the underlying behaviors and thinking patterns in order to prevent relapse.

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General Psychiatry

General Psychiatry at Mount Sinai caters to a variety of different patient needs. We offer services that treat individuals within both pediatric and geriatric age ranges, including services for families and caregivers that assist those helping to provide care and support for patients.

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Geriatric Psychiatry

The Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic offers a comprehensive range of psychiatric services for older adults.. Outpatient care is provided in the Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic, located in the Klingenstein Clinical Center 1-North and the Martha Stewart Center for Living. The Mount Sinai Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Service, part of the Mount Sinai Brain Stimulation Center of Excellence, provides inpatient and outpatient ECT, as well as consultation to patients referred from around the tri-state area.

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Learning and Development Center

The Learning and Development Center at Mount Sinai is a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment service, specializing in the evaluation of children and adults with conditions such as learning disorders, speech/language disorders, developmental delays, mental retardation, neurological disorders, and genetic disorders. Following the evaluation, Learning and Development Center staff provides a detailed synopsis of the evaluation results, accompanied by individually tailored recommendations and a comprehensive written report. For children, our Learning and Development Center staff also conducts classroom observations to augment the information obtained during the formal evaluation. This includes an assessment of the fit between your child's cognitive, behavioral, and social-emotional skills and his or her learning environment, followed by feedback in person and in writing, including the following: a detailed summary of the results, an integrated way of thinking about the individual's strengths and needs, targeted recommendations to correct or accommodate cognitive and/or behavioral challenges, concrete recommendations on how to advocate for your child, and recommendations and support for obtaining needed services.

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Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation Center

The Mount Sinai Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation Center provides diagnostic evaluations for a variety of neuropsychological, cognitive, attention, learning, educational, and personality concerns. Our staff of expert licensed neuropsychologists performs comprehensive evaluations of patients of all ages to assess the range of cognitive, educational, and emotional functioning.

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Seaver Autism Center

The Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai offers comprehensive assessment and care for people with autism spectrum conditions. Our multidisciplinary team of experts uses genetics, molecular biology, model systems, neuroimaging, and experimental therapeutics to treat each patient. We also provide opportunities to participate in an integrated series of research studies aimed at understanding the causes of autism spectrum conditions and developing treatments.

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