Critical Care Medicine Program

The Division has a fourteen bed state-of-the-art Medical Intensive Care Unit staffed by four full-time academic pulmonary/critical care physicians, with a nursing ratio of 1:2 or 1:1. Available technology includes continuous cardiac output, oximetric PA catheters, ventilators with pressure support, pressure control and flow by, metabolic cart, all modes of dialysis including aggressive use of continuous venovenous hemofiltration, Bi-core machine, and fully equipped procedure room with C-arm fluoroscopy. Clinical areas of expertise include:

  • Liver Disease: management of either the acute fulminant form of disease or of a more chronic decompensation in preparation for liver transplantation
  • Management of a variety of patients with respiratory failure, with emphasis on current understanding of pathophysiology
  • Referral hospital for emergent plasmapheresis for life-threatening diseases
  • Aggressive nutrition/metabolic support

There is also a Respiratory Care Unit with fourteen beds staffed by pulmonary disease are physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses (ratio 1:3), and a respiratory therapist. The Unit has extensive expertise in weaning protocols and functions as a referral site for ventilator-dependent patients.

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