Sarcoidosis Program

The Mount Sinai Hospital has the largest Sarcoidosis Service in the world. Since the Service’s establishment by Dr. Louis Siltzbach in 1948, more than 18,000 patients with Sarcoidosis have been enrolled. Approximately 40 patients per week and 200 new patients per year seek care from our doctors for their Sarcoidosis. Importantly, in the United States the diagnostic Kveim-Siltzbach skin test for Sarcoidosis is available to patients only at The Mount Sinai Hospital. While we perform all other diagnostic procedures such as skin biopsy, lumph node biopsy, and lung biopsy, the skin test is diagnostic in up to 80 percent of our patients, eliminating the need for more invasive, uncomfortable, and expensive procedures. There is experience with immunosuppressive therapy for advanced cases as well as with lung transplantation. The Mount Sinai Hospital is an NIH Center of Excellence for research in Sarcoidosis.

The patients of the Mount Sinai Sarcoidosis Service conduct a very active patient support group. Monthly meetings, allow patients to voice their concerns, learn about new disgnoses and therapy and meet the staff of pulmonologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists and radiologists who participate in their care. The support group maintains a hotline to answer all questions (212) 241-8733.

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